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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cleaning House

A few years ago, I watched this home decorating show. The family they were talking to called themselves 'minimalists.' Their home looked like a hotel room. Even the kid's room was spotless. Personal items were removed from sight at all times, except when they were in use.

I hated it. Who wants to live in a hotel? I like a home to look lived in. I like drawings on the fridge, toys on the floor (to a certain extent), books on a shelf, and the coffee table full of projects.

But, as I grow-in maturity, faith, and knowledge-I am finding myself getting tired of all the stuff in my home. I am downgrading. If I could get rid of it all, I would, but I have 3 other people to consider, so things don't disappear quite as fast as I would like.

I have decided that I hate excess. This is my new passion. Why do I have 3 curling irons, when I only use one. Why am I keeping this kitchen utensil when I have 5 others just like it. What's up with the books that I have never read, and probably won't ever crack open? (Yes, I am getting rid of some of my books!!) And just why do we have a vase full of bouncy balls??

When we moved into this home, we liked the area so much that we decided we didn't want to move ever again. Now, my husband is dreaming of a bigger home, so we have room for more stuff. I say get rid of stuff, then we'll have room! So that is what I am doing. Movies we don't watch, books I don't read, clothes that will never, honestly, be worn again. Nick-nacks that are pretty, but honestly just collect dust. Although I cannot bring myself to get rid of my frog figurines, I have given up some stuffed frogs, and I think I may get rid of some more. There's a few special things I will keep, but I am ready to give all this junk over to the thrift store.

If it were summer, I might have a yard sale, and normally, I would pack everything in boxes and wait for the thaw, but right now I just want it GONE. Out of my house, out of my possession. Gone. Mike is struggling with all of this, he likes his things. But slowly and surely I'll get him to see my way. :)

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