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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Plans

Never go quite as you want them to. But we are plugging along.

The kids had church camp to start off the month of June. That went better than expected. We got 12 new baby chickens, bringing our total to 50. Then we lost a couple, and now we're at 48.

After church camp, we did Girl Scout camp. Except I got sick the last day, so we missed the water fun. But the good news, I guess you could call it that, is that we finally got Emma into the eye doctor. She inherited the bad eyes that run in the family, all the way back to her great-grandparents. So we got to order her glasses.

The week after all this, we started VBS at our church. Now, our church home is small, compared to most. Beside my 2 lovely children, there are two others, and that's it for the youth program. Pastor had put up signs around our community, inviting children to come have fun for a week at VBS. Monday morning, it was just the 4 kids that are there every Sunday. But, with lots of prayer and perseverance, we have grown to 9 children. Which may seem small to most, but we did have one boy ask if he could come to church every Sunday. I would have to say that's a win.

Oh, yeah, and we got a goat...

Next week is the boy's birthday. I was going to have a big party, but with all that has been going on, I didn't get the invitations out, or anything planned, really. So we decided to have a couple of friends over, grill some burgers and chicken, and let the kids play on the PS3. Rob is getting a lot of games for his birthday.

I am currently trying to multitask, with helping out at VBS, reading my booksneeze.com book, another Jennifer Crusie book, and take care of the animals. So you should see my review of The Hole in Our Gospel soon.

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