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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crazy Month!!

May was hectic to say the least. And it looks like June is not going to be any easier. My calendar is already booked, and it's only the 2nd. The good thing, though is that school is out for the summer. I passed all my classes, and held onto my 4.0!! YEAH! The kids both got promoted to the next grade--we all knew that was going to happen.

Some friends of ours have opened a feed store here in town, and I have been helping out over there a few times a week. Seems like it may turn into at least a part time job.

Mike and his Ritual team from the Elks Lodge went to the state competition. Mike brought home the Most Impressive trophy for his chair. Unfortunately, the team as a whole did not win, but they did pretty good. I was very proud of Mike for all his hard work practicing for the competition.

This past week was very stressful for me. I woke up Friday morning with a pain in my side, that felt suspiciously like a kidney infection. I've had lots of those in my life. I was just going to power through it, but ended up going to urgent care. After a 2 hour wait, the doctor there saw me for 2 minutes and said "go to the ER." So I went. And waited another 2 hours to be seen. Then I got drugs to numb the pain, and had test after test done.

So here I am, dying from what I know is a kidney infection, in pain, patiently waiting for some more pain medicine (if you can call crying in agony patiently waiting) when the doctor comes in and basically tells me there is nothing wrong with me. In a very rude tone. Then the nurse comes in with my discharge papers and a couple of pills. No water. Thanks, stinky people.

And of course, it is a 3 day weekend, so I have to wait until Tuesday to do anything. Finally get an appointment with a very cool urologist. All he did was look at my test results from the ER, and say, "You have a kidney infection." DUH!!

Now I have the antibiotics I need, and more answers that the ER was unable to give me. There's actually more on the urology visit, but I will save that for later because I am tired.

What a month. Let's not repeat.

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