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I have been a stay at home mom since Oct 31st 2006. My children started school in 2008, so I decided it was time for me to go back, too. I have been a full time student for over two years now, and it seems like I am learning about more than just my schoolwork.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So it's been a while

I just seems so redundant. I did get my roll of film developed, and I went into the darkroom on Monday to get some prints developed. AMAZING, If I do say so myself... Even the aide said they were good. There's one that I got of a moth, I chased this silly moth around the park for almost a half hour before I could get the perfect picture. Anyways, the aide said it looked like a digital rendering, it's that good!
I've been writing fake business letters and memos for my keyboarding class, makes me want to work in an office again. Is it really that horrible that I've been a stay-at-home-mom for the past 2 1/2 years? No one wants to hire me! Maybe that's because I need to focus on my schoolwork and not worry about a job.
Our lease is up at the end of May, but our landlady is willing to let us out of it mid-April, so we've been looking for a new rental place-maybe even a rent-to-own. We found one we really liked, but someone bought it out from under us, so our next option is a month-to-month rental for 500 smackers less than what we're paying now.
We're just waiting for the people to call us back and let us know if our application was accepted. It's kinda in the other direction from where we want to be, but it's a monthly basis, so if we find a new place, we only have to give 30 days notice. Good, I think. And the kids will be on the bus less, so that's good, I think...
Time to finish my English Homework... yeah!!

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