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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Change Your Mind

My English class makes me feel like a prospector looking for gold. Every once in a while there is a shiny nugget, but usually it's just a big pile of dirt.

It seems as if many of my classmates just cannot process what the instructor is trying to teach. Either that, or my teacher is used to instructing elementary school children. Half of our allotted class time is spent walking student's through each assignment, as if none of us can complete them on our own.

Now, my Mama taught me to only speak nice of people, but this class drives me absolutely batty. I am very glad that this is my last required ENL course.

This is funny to me, because back in high school, English was one of my favorite subjects. On the other end of the spectrum, math was a deal breaker for me. And now, Math 103 is actually pretty easy.

My life has flip flopped. What I once thought was normal is strangely unfamiliar to me. It makes me wonder why I struggled so much in high school. Why was it so hard for me to concentrate in my sophomore math class? And now, why is it so hard for me to concentrate in this class?

Maybe it isn't me. Maybe it wasn't me. Is it possible that I am not computing what the instructor is saying because of the instructor. Could it just be my teachers? Or am I just trying to put the blame on someone else? There is a song that I love, called Change Your Mind. One of the lines is, "if you want to be somebody else, change your mind." I think this is happening to me...

I wrote this in class, between the repetition and redundancy (see what I did there?) The above onomatopoeia was because I answered a question, only to have my instructor tell me I was wrong, then 'correct' me by repeating EXACTLY WHAT I JUST FINISHED SAYING!!!!!!! I think this class is going to make me crazy.

I cannot stand this class!!!

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Luisa said...

hang in there!!! I know how you feel. But now it is my students, not my teachers who are driving me batty! :)