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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

God's Little Princess

I decided to be unselfish this time around when I picked my newest book from booksneeze.com. I got How to be God's Little Princess by Sheila Walsh. The subheading says, "Royal Tips for Manners, Etiquette, and True Beauty".

Can you guess who I got it for?

I decided to let her provide most of the meat for this review. I read it, don't get me wrong, but who better to review a book for little girls, than a little girl?

Before I gave her the book, I flipped through it and jotted down my initial impressions. First and foremost, as most parents know, getting a kid to listen to you is like asking a fly to sit still. Ain't happening. My hope is that this book drills into her brain the things that go in one ear and out the other.

That's always a plus in my book.

There's no appropriate age listed on the book, and my daughter is 8, which I would say is the youngest age for this book. There's some comments about clothing (never let your bra strap show) that are obviously meant for older girls, but I bet even 40-year-old's would get something out of this book.

There are fun crafts, recipes, project ideas, games, quizzes, even a list of websites that the proper princess should frequent. Chapters cover important topics for every pre-queen, such as wardrobe, accessories, poise, dining, party planning, manners, and many more. Bible verses that correlate with the chapter's topic are sprinkled throughout the book. The overall message is God's love.

I would definitely recommend this book to any girl or woman in need of some positive reading. There is nothing wrong with it, in my opinion. In fact, I would probably offer it up for loan, but I have a feeling a little girl would be very upset with me...

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