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Friday, May 6, 2011

Daddy Dates

Ok, yes. This book was written for men. But don't let the title fool you, Mommy's can learn a lot from this book, too. Written by Greg Wright, father of four girls (and only girls), Daddy Dates chronicles his revelation, implementation, successes, and failures of his unique parenting style.

Greg has a style of writing that will have the reader rolling in his chair with laughter one moment, then shedding tears the next. You can't help but envision his anecdotes in stunning clarity with his attention to detail.

The life lessons and insights are things I think every parent, no matter the gender, could benefit from learning.  In fact, I think every married couple, parents or not, would benefit from some if his lessons.

At the end of the book, Greg includes a personality test created by Dr. John Trent, and a cheat sheet for Dad's who need help in the creative dating department. Each chapter is short and to the point. This makes it an easy read for any person. Catch chapter 1 before bedtime, chapter 2 while you're brushing your teeth, and chapter 20 after dinner.

I would definitely recommend this book to friends, and I give it a 5 out of 5 in the stars department.

(By the way, I got this book from booksneeze.com)

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