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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stuff, Things, Material Possessions

I have noticed in myself lately, the desire to simplify. There are a number of different factors that have accounted for my wish to declutter and clean up my home, my life, and my to-do list.

My original plan was to fill up a large trash bag with things to get rid of, and haul it off to the thrift store. Then one bag became two, and there are some glass and breakable things in a box, to keep them from being destroyed. Every day I find something new to remove from its dusty, neglected resting place. There may be enough stuff when I am done to hold a yard sale big enough to finance a family vacation. Who knows?

My husband accuses me of being a pack rat, when in reality, he is the one with the problem. When we moved a year ago, my goal was to empty every single box, except, of course, the seasonal decorations that would drive me crazy if they were left up too long. Now I am proud to say that the only boxes I have in the shed are marked "Christmas", "Easter", and "Halloween".

But next to my 3 or 4 holiday boxes are a dozen more marked "Mike's Stuff", "Mike's Misc.", and the ones he marked himself, "Mike's s***". As I was going through our belongings, attempting to remove things I no longer wish to keep--old candles that have never been burned, movies that we watched once and have never looked at since--I kept finding things returned to their original spots. And I am the pack rat??

Some people may be surprised to see that one bag is full of frogs. Stuffed frogs to be exact. I think I have graduated from the adolescent desire to cuddle with a stuffed animal. I kept a few, such as the frog that started it all (thanks, CJ!) and the one that held the box with the ring the night Mike proposed and the one I bought in Italy, but quite a few are going to go to a new home. And my figurines are right on the shelf where they belong. Too many memories there to get rid of them.

My next project is my CDs. This huge tower with at least 100 discs that no one ever listens to, will most likely end up empty except for my Christmas and Christian music. Oh, and Emma's Taylor Swift karaoke CD. After that, I may move onto my books..."may" being the operative word, there.

Another thing I wish to empty is my dresser full of fabric. Projects are in the works for skirts for Emma and me, shirts for all of us, and various other things. Why have the fabric if it is not being used? On that same note, my yarn stash from Mom is slowly but surely being reduced.

My goal is to be done removing stuff by the end of the school year. With the yard sale I now plan to have, perhaps a trip somewhere fun will be in the works for the summer.

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