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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Outlive your Life

Yet again, it seems like God is trying to tell me something. It seems like every time I am struggling with an issue, resources are put in front of me to help me dig out of the hole I have put myself in. This time, it's a new book by Max Lucado, Outlive Your Life. 

This time, Mr. Lucado looks at the book of Acts and the actions of the disciples. He gives modern day insight to the works of these men, called by God to serve and share the word of God. Mr. Lucado also shows us that it is easy for the 'common' man to do uncommon things in the name of God. It's amazing what one person can do to change the lives of many.
As with many of his books, Outlive Your Life is a compilation of different stories, points, and anecdotes, divided into chapters. Max has a way of making the reader look into him-or herself to see the goodness within, and the potential each person has to make a difference. There is a connection that Max makes with each of his readers, that I have yet to see any other author create.
Keep your Bible handy, because there are plenty of references made. The Discussion and Action guide at the back of the book, prepared by David Drury gives even more insight and perspective into Mr. Lucado's stories.
If you are looking to make a change, give more of yourself, or share the Word of God with others, Outlive Your Life is a good place to start.

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puppetmaster said...

I really loved Outlive Your Life and found it very inspirational! I'm sharing a copy with a friend today! I also wrote a review of it here: http://fablefreak.wordpress.com