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I have been a stay at home mom since Oct 31st 2006. My children started school in 2008, so I decided it was time for me to go back, too. I have been a full time student for over two years now, and it seems like I am learning about more than just my schoolwork.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Financial Aid

It's no secret that I would not be in school if it weren't for the Pell Grants I have been getting. They have given me the means to buy books, register for classes, and buy the supplies I need.

I am forever grateful to whoever funds the Pell Grants, I don't know if it's taxpayers, or special funding, or whatever. But it can be quite frustrating trying to get everything organized and being patient while everything is being processed.

That being said, I turned my information in back in MARCH, and I am still waiting to hear back from the school. Classes start in a little over a month. I don't know if I will get into the classes I need to this semester. I guess I am learning patience this summer.

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