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Sunday, February 22, 2009

I love taking pictures!!

I took a photography class back in high school ( have I mentioned that before?) Anyways, I had a roll of film that never got developed. Since it was professional hand rolled film, I couldn't take it to Walgreens and have them develop it, so I sat on it (figuratively) for the last 6 years. Well, Wednesday, I finally got to work with it.
Here's the twist. I thought it was film from my visit to my brothers house- I took pictures of my nephews. So I got all excited because Friday was my SIL birthday, and I wanted to send her pictures of my nephews. I got the film developed, and went in the darkroom, and it was pictures from the way home from their house. Basically pictures of my Hubby and the local scenery.
I mean, it's great to see the pretty mountains and cute pics of my love, but I was expecting pictures of the boys. I know that there's another roll out there. Now I have to dig through boxes and find the right roll.

Today I took the kids to the local waterfowl reserve (I can't really call it a reserve, because they allow hunting in the marsh). I got some great shots, 3 of the 5 requirements for my photo class. Hopefully the pictures come out. I want to go back without the kids, because they were pretty good at scaring the ducks and geese away. Most of the birds were too far away to get a good shot of them, but I took some good ones of the kids and the scenery.

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