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Friday, January 29, 2010

GAS= Gear Acquisition Syndrom

This horrible disease is common with most hobbies. Take up scrapbooking? You MUST have all the gadgets and doodads required to perfect your albums. How about painting? There are thousands of paintbrushes and canvases and paints out there, and you have to have them all!!

The problem with some of these hobbies is that they can be expensive. Take photography, for instance. Even if you are digital, well, especially if you are digital, prices for a camera can range from hundreds to thousands.

For us "analog" photographers, you really need to be in the right place at the right time in order to even discover the gear you prefer to use. I mean, I have been really lucky to get the items I have in my possession. I mean, look at what I have:

  1. Asahi Pentax K1000...............with 2 lenses, flash, and a decent case, acquired when my in-laws split.
  2. Kodak Retinette IA.................German engineered, hung in my parents closet for as long as I can remember. Unusable, shutter is stuck. VERY hard to find someone I would trust to repair it. Came with light meter, flash cube and fitted hard case.
  3. Canon AE-1...............................also with 2 lenses and a case with lots of storage. This is the one my instructor found for me. Battery issues-one battery lasts only one roll of film. Not very economical.
  4. Mamiya/Sekor 528TL............This one I was very lucky to get a deal on. Original price: $125. Markdown from great thrift store clerk: $25. Has 3 lenses (technically--don't ask...well, you can if you want), flash, and really bad case. Not sure how well it works yet, still have a roll of film in the back. Processing coming soon.
  5. Yashica FR II...........................My latest and greatest. Given to me by a friend who owns a self-storage facility. Left over from a renter, been sitting in a box for years. Comes with 3 lenses (more coming soon, I hear), flash bar, automatic winder, and really, really nice case.

To summarize, I have, in my possession: five cameras, five cases, four flashes, ten lenses (maybe more), automatic winder, and an external light meter (the other cameras have an internal one)

That isn't counting my 2 digital cameras-one of which the screen is broken, the cases for those, and the extra couple of useless camera bags that I have saved from destruction or the trash heap and cannot bring myself to get rid of.

And I am always on the lookout for more. And more, and more. I have a bad case of GAS... LOL!

PS- I did not take into account my darkroom items. Enlarger, frame, trays, chemicals and chemical containers, safety light, film canister, clock, lenses, and film holders. I still need a timer and tongs.

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