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Friday, January 1, 2010

The New Year

Wow, we are dull. This was my New Years Eve night:

11:30 p.m.- We finished watching Inglorious Bastards **not my favorite, but OK** and I got in the shower.
11:50 p.m.- PJs on and in bed. "turn it to channel 5, hon, lets see what's on." Nothing, so he goes back to the demolition derby show.
11:58 p.m.- Demolition derby over, back to channel 5.
12:00 a.m.- "Happy New Year's Babe" kiss, kiss. Roll over... and he's snoring already....

I slowed down my drinking over the last year, for 2 reasons. One, drinking doesn't make me happy, it makes me tired. I would rather stay awake at a bar...And two, I avoid vomiting as much as I can in everyday life, why would I want to make myself so sick I can't avoid it??

So, I was sober, my husband had a beer or two, and that was the extent of our partying. Fun stuff.

And then, we both slept through the alarm this morning... Whoops! How lame are we??

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